At the ME Patient Foundation we are particularly concerned with our ethical duties. There has been a distinct lack of ethical awareness and practice in all areas of ME research, advocacy and medical practice, leading to the dire situation patients currently face. We will be practising and monitoring our work based on the following values:


We operate a patient-centred approach to our work and do not believe there should be any conflict between the patient’s interests and the Foundation’s interests. The patient will always come first when conducting the charity’s affairs.


The Foundation will be transparent in its processes and actions, ensuring the patient is fully informed about why certain decisions have been made and enabling them to be engaged, informed and empowered participants.


The Foundation aims to communicate in a polite and clear manner to minimise misunderstanding or ambiguity. Where we are unable to decide on a particular position we will explain why in an informative manner.


The Foundation will be consistent in its core aims of advocating for effective biomedical treatment and a decent standard of care for both patients and their families.


The Foundation bases its decisions and actions on evidence-based biomedical research. Flawed research and treatments based on the biopsychosocial school’s belief in ME as a behavioural disorder are directly opposed to the Foundation’s underlying principles.