MAIMES Campaign

The ME Patient Foundation believes a public inquiry is necessary to investigate the serious harms ME patients face as a result of inadequate support and stigmatisation (please see this page for information of their nature). A series of systematic failures enables this situation and only a very comprehensive and transparent enquiry will reveal the causes and mechanisms behind it.

It is a campaign led by Dr Myhill who has seen many people with ME and how they have been harmed. The Foundation supports the aim of establishing that:

  • ME is a physical disease with primarily physical causes.
  • That this should be properly reflected by NICE Guidelines and by NHS treatments available to ME sufferers
  • That this should be properly reflected by compensation, disability and pension benefits.
  • That we require a Government funded, cross party Public Inquiry to establish the above.

Currently 40 MP’s have signed up and to get to the required 50 to demand a public enquiry we are hoping you can help. For more information on the campaign and which MP’s have signed please see Dr Myhills website. If you require any support in persuading your MP you can get in contact with us for help.

We endorse Dr Myhills political aims, as a patient organisation we do not recommend any particular treatments as stated here and here.